Church of the Resurrection

April 1, 2018

Calendar of Upcoming Events

April 1, 6 pm – Easter Choral Evensong, Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills

Apr. 8, 10 am – Morning Prayer

Apr. 15, 10 am – Morning Prayer

Apr. 22, 10 am – Eucharist

Apr. 29, 10 am – Eucharist and Impact Weekend


April 28-29 – Impact Weekend

There will be a variety of activities – check out the list and pick one! We invite people to do a variety of things to meet new people to make and impact on the community!

Items needed for Impact Weekend

  • toilet paper (all that you can bring!)
  • feminine hygiene products (all that you can bring!)
  • adult diapers (all that you can bring!)
  • small gift bags (50)
  • clips for the bags – see the one at church for a model (50)
  • puzzle books – $1 store is a great source (50)
  • 12 oz bottles of water (24)
  • lotion – full size appreciated (50)
  • toothbrushes (50)
  • toothpaste (25)
  • denture cleaner (25)


May 3 – National Day of Prayer Breakfast – ask Heather for tickets



May 6, 6 pm – Choral Evensong, Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills

Paula Stone Williams is the preacher


May 12, 10 am – Hunger Walk –



Prayer List

We pray for:  

Will Kelly, Jennifer Sparks, Steve Spears, Jack Crawford, Greg Uligian, Laura Sanders, Karen Blake, Mary Kuhn, Liane Spolyar, Bill Davies, Tim Hartmans-Zerbiec, Bob Tilley, John Carden, Sivewright Carden, Ray Babin, Chris Berg, Barbara Bolden, Diane Clark, Judy Godsell, Chuck Griffith, Judy Harding, Judy McConnell, Doug Spolyar


We remember those who have died:

Stephen Beer, Devin Suau, Laura Logan, Curtis Schlak, Christa Deason, Claire Parkinson, George Whiting, Bart Clark, Roland Fancher, Les Harding, Carol Lowrie



Kroger Community Rewards #: 90636


Church of the Resurrection, 6490 Clarkston Road, Clarkston, MI

email:, website:


Priest: Heather Barta          989-413-3229